1. BattleSpawn Beanie


    $8 USD

  2. BattleSpawn Patch

    $4 USD

  3. Trucker Hat


    $10 USD

  4. Party Cup

    $5 USD

  5. BattleSpawn T-Shirt


    $12 USD

  6. BattleSpawn Vintage T-Shirt


    $15 USD

  7. Evil Rising – Vinyl Style CD Package

    Compact Disc (CD)

    $5 USD


BattleSpawn Denver, Colorado

Combining thrash with elements of melodic, hardcore, and death styles, BattleSpawn forges its own path. Forming in Denver during the summer of 2012, BattleSpawn quickly began writing and released their debut EP, EVIL RISING. Armed with a sense of purpose, hard work-ethic, and dedication to the cause, BattleSpawn began its onslaught onto the underground music scene. ... more

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